Dragon & Phoenix Slots

Dragons are a popular choice in lots of slot games. The phoenix appears less often, but both are given main positions in the slot game that bears their names.

Dragon and Phoenix reveal the theme in action here, but we can reveal far more than that. Get ready to read our full review here before you play.

Developer details for this game

This is another superb game from popular developer Betsoft.

That means there is a demo to play

We cannot think of a Betsoft game that doesn’t come with this option. It’s always the best way to begin.

Did you guess the theme already?

We know there are mythical tones to this one. However, Dragon and Phoenix also covers an Asian theme. It’s a nice mix that makes sense though – something you’ll see as you play.

The design supports this mix of themes

There is a lot of detail in this one, without going overboard with it. The background has nothing much to speak of, so you can focus your energies on what happens with each spin of the reels.

How to play the Dragon and Phoenix slot game

Five reels are easy enough to guess, each one with three symbols appearing on it. No progressive jackpots are available though.

The wild symbol displays an emperor and empress. It can appear over reels two through five. It may also expand, but only if this action would trigger one or more additional prizes.

A money tree is a common feature in Asian lore. It appears here as a scatter too. Scatter prizes are easier to find as they do not need to fall on the same line to count.

Paylines to play on

There are 20 here, so that provides a familiar format to try.

Place your bets

Assuming all the lines are played in the game, 20 cents is the cheapest wager on each spin. There are other possibilities too, reaching a maximum spin bet of $20.

Paytable details for Dragon & Phoenix

The paytable is typically positioned under the reels, and that’s true here as well. Make sure you check it out before you try the game for the first time.

You won’t play any bonus features here

Nothing much to say about that.

Free spins are available though

The scatter is the usual trigger and that holds true in this game too. However, the way you secure the spins is different. The idea is that you get one free game per scatter, with three scatters required at least. It means you can get between three and 15 free games depending on how many appear.

A strong RTP

Dragon and Phoenix gives you a return to player value worth 96.01%.

Our rating for this slot game

We are going to give this one seven out of 10. We found it difficult to secure more than three or four free games. The expanding wild is good, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

What’s the best outcome for a prize?

Betsoft has stated that players could net up to 8,098x their wager for one fortunate spin of the reels. We cannot work out how that might happen, but we guess multiple prizes with wilds involved might be the answer.

Play for entertainment if you like the look of it

You can see imagery for the game before you play but having the demo to try is a good thing. It’s easy to work out how the features work if you try that version.

The real version is affordable for many

Only you know whether it would fit with your available budget but remember to check the coin value you have selected before you play for real.

You can also play on mobile devices

All new Betsoft slots look set to be mobile friendly, including this one.