Total Overdrive Slots

Total Overdrive is a powerful name for a slot game. Let's be clear, this is one game that caught our eye the second we noticed the title. What can it offer? Is it going to be a favorite for us?

It's not based on driving as we thought, but you shouldn't discount it if you thought it was. We are going to review every inch of the slot game here to provide you with the facts.

Which game developer came up with this one?

Betsoft has developed lots of diverse titles and this is another one that might surprise you in one way or another.

Start with the free demo game

Whenever a slot includes a free demo, we recommend you play it. If you like what the game looks like and appears to offer, this is your chance to see whether it fits the bill.

A futuristic theme

The title suggested cars, but none are seen here. We like the futuristic look and tone of the game though. With a few superb neon elements as well, the dynamic appearance does get your attention.

Classic mixed with modern

The design gives us some classic cherries, along with other familiar icons. They all appear in neon, tying in with the futuristic feel.

How to play Total Overdrive

Expect three reels with three symbols on each here. You might have guessed this wouldn't be a progressive jackpot game already.

WILD is just that, making it easy to spot in action. It substitutes for everything too - there are no exceptions in this game. It's possible to secure a prize for three wilds on a line as well. This is calculated as 50x your triggering bet.

The game showcases something called the Overdrive Multiplier. The starting value is 1x, but if you get a prize, it increases to 2x. On a losing spin, it resets to 1x again. If you can string together 10 prizes, you'd benefit from the maximum 10x multiplier.

How many paylines are there?

Just five here, although in a three-reel game, that's quite a few.

Bets to choose from

Total Overdrive offers five cents per spin. That means one cent per line as those lines are fixed. The biggest wager to place is $10 to cover them all at two dollars a pop.

Don't forget the paytable

Betsoft has provided this to give you further information on the game. We suggest checking it out before getting underway.

There is a bonus to trigger as well

This is a good one. We explained earlier about the Overdrive Multiplier feature. There is a different one called the Sticky Multiplier too. This is the bonus feature. It can trigger at any time and does so at random.

When it happens, the displayed multiplier is sticky for eight spins. It means any prizes won during those eight spins are automatically boosted by the sticky multiplier.

Free spins aren't provided

There are none to play in this game.

RTP for Total Overdrive slots

It ranks at a cool 96.92%.

Do we like Total Overdrive?

It's not one of our favorites, but it holds enough potential to make it worth trying. The multipliers are clearly the best bit, especially if the Sticky Multiplier is triggered.

What is the most you could get in prizes?

Betsoft indicates the best outcome is 1,450x your wager, so the prize depends on the value of that wager. Most prizes are way less than this, of course, and are therefore easier to receive.

Play the demo to check it out

The demo game is great to play and passes the time. It shows how the features we have mentioned here work. Will it be enough to invite you to switch to the real thing?

Play for real at Betsoft casinos offering Total Overdrive

You should find it in the collection at all casinos offering games from this developer.

Betsoft has made the game available on Android and iOS too

Yes, smartphones and tablets make this game look just as good. It's easy to play on those touchscreens too.