Dim Sum Prize Slots

The mention of dim sum makes it obvious what is in store in this new game. Slots have often been based around food, and if you’re a fan of dim sum, you know what is on offer here. Small morsels of food to eat in a mouthful… that’s the idea.

So, does that mean we should expect small prizes, too? Let’s see how this game pans out as we review Dim Sum Prize here.

Who created the slot game?

Betsoft has been on a roll lately with plenty of excellent new slot releases. We can add this one to that impressive list as well.

Demo information for the game

As always, Betsoft gives us a practice version that does not require any real wagers. It means you can check out the game and see if it suits you to play it.

We know the theme by now…

Dim sum appears in this slot game and we can see them on offer. Be warned – do not play this game if you are even remotely hungry…

A realistic design

Is it a coincidence that we began to feel hungry after checking out the game? A selection of dim sum would be ideal to arrange before playing it, we think!

How to start playing the Dim Sum Prize slot game

You are presented with five reels in the game, along with three symbols on each one. All quite normal so far. Progressive wins are not possible in this game, though.

A scattered red coupon is in action in the game. It is called the Crimson Coupon. The game also includes a wild, shaped like a teapot and colored in blue. This is the Teatime Wild.

The wild icon always triggers a respin at no charge, while holding itself in position. If another wild appears, both wilds are held for another respin. This can continue until nine respins occur if you get that far. That’s the most you can play in a string.

Watch out too for the Bamboo Basket symbol. This is the third and final special icon to look for.

Paylines are kept low

Just 10 of them are on offer in this game. They are fixed, so all must be played.

Bets to look through

The game is unusual because one cent pays for two lines. There are 10 lines, as we discovered, so that means we have a five-cent minimum bet. The biggest bet is not that big either, so this isn’t a game for high rollers. Instead, you can max out betting at ten dollars.

Check the paytable before you play

The paytable is well thought out, describing the rules and how the game works. You’ll also see all the available symbols.

A small but useful bonus feature

Dim Sum Prize has a Bamboo Basket that could randomly appear on any spin. Whenever it does appear, the lid is taken off to reveal a wild symbol or a scatter. It means a respin then happens if you find a wild. If a scatter appears, it could end up be the triggering one to give you the free spin feature, if you were only one short of getting it anyway.

Free spins are on offer in Dim Sum Prize

Would you say that five free games sound small? They are in quantity compared to some games. However, you need at least three scatters to unlock them. When this happens, all triggering scatters change into wilds. Those remain where they are for your five spins – as do any others that might have appeared during the triggering game.

You also get respins with the wilds, so while you ‘only’ receive five spins, there are likely to be more on the way.

A good RTP

How many games can you think of with an RTP worth 97.18%? Dim Sum Prize qualifies for that percentage.

Our rating for this amazing slot game

We’ve used the word amazing, so that should tell you how much we like it. With some cool features that make things a little different, it is worth a score of 9/10. Try it and see if you think the same.

What is the best spin bet return?

The best possible prize is confirmed as 377.6x your wager – very precise!

Start by trying the demo format

It means you can experiment with the game and get used to how everything works. Why involve more risk than you need to? If it isn’t for you, you haven’t lost anything.

Play the real version of Dim Sum Prize today

If you like the demo, your budget should be able to stand some spins of the real thing. Remember, just five cents at a time is enough to play this one.

Mobile play is good too

Whichever way you want to play this game, you can do it. It’s available on Android and iOS as well as computer.