Journey to the West Slots

Many slot games focus on journeys of different kinds. This one takes us to the West, but what does that involve and who is there with us?

Journey to the West is a striking game that reveals plenty when it has loaded. We are going to guide you through it here, providing you with all the facts you’ll need before you play.

Which developer created this game?

The game is from Betsoft. If the title sounds familiar, it’s because it is like their other game, Quest to the West. So, if you liked that one, you are going to like this one too.

It does include a demo

As do all other new Betsoft slots. They are reliable in this department.

A mix of themes on offer

The Eastern setting for the theme is obvious when you think about the title. Someone is heading from East to West. It also supplies a clue to a superb feature you’ll see in action inside the game. We’ll cover that shortly.

Set in China, it focuses on the Monkey King too. There is a fantasy element here, as you can see.

Top marks for a superb design

This one is much like the Quest to the West game, and since that had excellent design qualities, it is no surprise to see that this one does too. Characters are on the right side of the game – in the East, you might say – looking towards the left. Another clue there, perhaps…

How to play Journey to the West slots

The game loads with five reels in view. These appear on a scroll. Three symbols appear on each reel. The game doesn’t include a jackpot.

The Monkey King is in action and behaves as a wild symbol. Yet you won’t see a scatter along the way.

Paylines you can bet on

The Journey to the West comes with 25 lines to bet on.

Choose your bets

The coin values go from one cent to 50 cents, providing a few more options between those extremes. It means most players have a decent bet amount to choose to play the game.

Learn more by reading the paytable

It shows you all the symbols you’ll see on the reels. They include a pig man, a warrior, a lotus, and a dragon.

Is there a bonus feature?

There is a Moving Wilds feature that you could refer to as a bonus. If three wilds turn up in the same game, they remain in position for a respin. When the spin has finished, each wild moves one spot to the left of the reels. This is the journey towards the west mentioned in the title.

Respins carry on while one or more wilds are on the reels. If new ones appear in any of the spins, they join the process as well. Once the wilds all disappear off the first reel, the game resumes as normal with paid spins.

There is a meter to the side of the first reel. Every wild that disappears from that reel goes into the meter. Fill it before the respins end and a prize of 1,000x the triggering wager is granted.

Respins replace free spins

The walking wilds feature is the one to look for here. You are getting some free spins of the reels when it occurs – you just don’t know how many you’ll receive. You might well get more than you think though.

No clear RTP released yet

We’ll let you know when we discover it. Quest to the West came in at 97.53%, so maybe this one will sit at around the same level.

Our rating for Journey to the West from Betsoft

It’s a great game and there is enough happening to make it entertaining to play. We would rate it as 8/10.

Plenty of prizes to be won

While everyone is going for the big prizes, the game offers enough at the other end of the scale to keep things interesting.

Play the practice option first

Journey to the West has a demo to try, and we suggest you give it a try before thinking about the real thing. It means you can see what you think of those walking wilds.

Play for real at good Betsoft casinos

If you like the idea and the way the game pans out, this is a good one to play at casinos offering real Betsoft games.

Mobile access is good too

If you prefer playing on your tablet or smartphone, the iOS and Android platforms work well with the mobile version of Journey to the West.