Take The Bank Slots

It’s nice to see slot developers trying something different occasionally. Sometimes, a different take on a game can be a huge hit. Sometimes, it’s forgettable. So, where does Take the Bank fall into the scheme of things?

That does suggest there is something different about this game. Let’s review it for you here and share what we discovered when we tried it.

Developer information for Take the Bank

The game is one of many superb slots released by Betsoft.

Demo details for the game: Is there one to try?

Yes, there is. It is the best way to experiment and see if Take the Bank is enjoyable to play.

An action-packed theme

The theme revolves around a bank raid. Cops and robbers appear here, along with bombs and safes, so it’s all quite dramatic stuff.

2D or 3D?

Betsoft is well known for its 3D slot games. There are some portions of Take the Bank that qualify as 3D, but not all segments do. This supplies something a little different to try as well. We liked it.

How to play the Take the Bank slot game

Five reels multiplied by four rows give us 20 spots for icons to appear in on each spin. There are no progressives anywhere in this game.

The bomb is wild, so it’s nice to see it appear. The robber is helpful too, because every time he shows up a ticking bomb is added to that position on the reels. It is a Master Bomb and ticks down during the spins. The clock starts at nine and ends in zero.

When the zero appears, the Master Bomb changes into a wild bomb. This applies to all Master Bombs that appear courtesy of the robber.

The police car is the bonus symbol, while the standard wild bomb cannot replace that or the robber. It sounds confusing but you’ll soon see how it all works.

Paylines available in this slot game

This is a fixed payline game with 75 lines ready to cover.

How big is the cheapest wager?

This isn’t a penny slot, but that doesn’t mean the game is pricey to play. Instead, it gives you the chance to play all the lines for just 20 cents. There are other options as well, but the largest is smaller than you’ll see in many games. It is valued at $20.

Paytable details for Take the Bank

The paytable is handy to read as it provides more information about the features you might see when you play. Nothing beats taking the practice game for a spin, but the paytable is nicely put together.

Bonus features to look forward to

There is nothing aside from the Master Bomb wild feature, which can occur quite often. There isn’t a feature that occurs on another screen, for example.

Free spins can happen though

The police car must appear three times to give you 15 free spins. The game does allow you to buy the spins if you like, but we cannot see much point in that. It’s nice to have but we don’t recommend using it.

The free spins differ from paid ones because you get five, seven, or 10 wild bombs on every spin. They change positions as well, which makes things lively! It’s easier to snag some prizes during these spins. It’s not unusual to get them almost every spin either.

A solid RTP is on offer

The creators have listed it at 96.08%.

Do we like the Take the Bank slot game?

We do, enough to give it a nine out of 10 score. We feel it might have been better still with another bonus feature, but the bombs liven things up a lot during play anyway.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

You could net 225x your bet at most for a line prize. We should say, however, that the free spin feature is your best chance of collecting several prizes in quick succession.

Will you try the demo of Take the Bank?

The wild bombs make this an unusual game. We think it works though, and we’d be interested to see if you agree. Play the demo without risk to see what you think.

You can play the real thing too

With 75 lines available at a cheaper price than you might have expected, it’s a good idea to switch to real play if you like the game and it suits your budget.

Mobile access is also on offer

Android and iOS devices are easily able to access the game. Touchscreen controls are provided in these instances.