The Hive Slots

The Hive Slots

Are you buzzy - sorry, we mean busy! If not, sit with us a while as we explore the inner workings of The Hive - a new slot game that promises to keep you buzzy with entertainment!

If you haven't figured out the theme by now, you soon will in our full slot game review. Get ready to find out everything we've discovered about the game.

Created by a popular developer

The Hive comes from the brains at Betsoft. Enough said, we think!

Demo possibilities

Here's the good news - there is a demo. You should give it a try because the game looks different to anything else you might have tried.

A theme with a sting in its tail?

Not really… but there are bees involved, as you might have guessed by now. It's a great game with a few twists involved too.

Based on a new design

Betsoft is known for innovation, and this game is based on a hexagonal grid - ideal given the theme. There are 18 positions across the grid and they're dripping with honey. The backdrop sets the game firmly in the countryside too.

How to play The Hive

There are no reels in this game. The hexagonal design does hold some paylines, which we'll cover shortly. It looks good, though, and once you get used to it, you'll find it straightforward enough to play.

You won't see any progressive jackpots in the game, so you are restricted to playing for the prizes shown in the paytable.

The game includes three types of bee. The queen bee calls her fellow bees to surround the 18 spaces on the screen. It means you could end up with some prizes where you wouldn't otherwise have had any.

There is also a drone bee. These fill the meter to the left of the game screen. It is known as the Honey Meter. More about this shortly.

Finally, the worker bee grants a stacked multiplier. If a prize aligns with one of the worker bees, a multiplier is granted. This is based on the number of worker bees in view at that time.

Any bees that appear stay around for one or more spins. This is worked out at random. Any kind of bee might appear or disappear on a spin. It sounds confusing, but that's why we recommend trying the demo first.

How many paylines are in The Hive?

There are 30 lines to play on. They appear diagonally or horizontally in lines as shown on the paytable. They also pay in both directions.

Play from just 10 cents a time

That is low for a 30-line slot game, so this one has lots of potential. There are higher wagers too if you fancy going large, with $90 as the biggest single wager you could place.

Paytable details

We recommend your first stop should be the paytable when you load the game for the first time. It explains how the game works and makes it easier to understand. Look for the info button in the bottom left of your screen, underneath the bottle.

Bonus features in The Hive

You could say all those bees qualify as bonus features. Aside from those, there are no special rounds to play, though.

Free spins in The Hive

Remember the Honey Meter we mentioned earlier? When those drone bees manage to fill it for you, there are free spins on the way. You'll receive five free games.

It may not sound generous, but you will receive between one and three Honey Burst Spreading Wilds for these spins. They live up to their name too, spreading from wherever they show up to make other cells into sticky wilds as well. That means they stay put until the end of the spins.

RTP details for The Hive

The value for this game is 96.13%.

Is The Hive any good?

Yes, it is. This is a great game and one that keeps you entertained. If one or more of those bees appear around the 'reels' you'll want to keep an eye on them to see what happens next. We're giving this one 8/10; it's a little confusing to start with, but a session with the demo game irons out any queries you might have.

What is the biggest prize worth?

The details released with this slot game confirm the maximum win would be 243x your bet. It's not the biggest prize we've seen, but it is cool, nonetheless.

Start with the demo today

It's the best way to get a proper feel of the game. Is this one to add to your favorites? The demo allows you to find out without risk.

Play for real if you like the format

There are a couple of neat things to remember about this game, as we hope our review has shown you. Make sure you review the bet amounts before playing for real, to ensure you've selected the best one for your budget.

Available on mobile too

You can pick up your tablet or smartphone and enjoy taking The Hive for a spin. Android and iOS users can enjoy this game wherever they go.