The Angler Slots

Do you care for fishing rods and fish-bait, but would rather not risk getting wet in the cold elements? If so, then you should take a look at Betsoft Gaming's The Angler Slot.The graphics are nothing short of impressive, with their strong pixels and high-level IIID rendition. In fact, there's even a healthy amount of animation showing fish jumping out of these as the burly fisherman tries to add them to his bucket of slain family members. This one has 5 reels and 20 pay lines which makes for enough of a variety of different ways to win to make this game exciting and worthwhile to play. You've got a lot of potential winning combinations that you can line up on the reels using the symbols. Additionally, you can wager between 1 and 5 coins per pay line to really spread out your opportunities without too much risk, but with plenty of potential reward. The smallest coin denomination is $0.02, which translates to a total minimum bet if you keep all pay lines active of $0.40. Now if you like to play with the big boys, then you can wager the maximum of one dollar and a total of five coins per pay line for a serious $100 per game with all 20 pay lines active.

As we will see later on in this review, the scatter symbol in The Angler Slots is really the way to rack up the wins statistically. This is because a minimum of three of a kind of the scatter icon needs to the Free spins feature, as well as prize multiplications by the associated factor. If you are lucky enough to also land the wild or substitute symbol to replace normal character symbols, then your wins are doubled in value as long as the wild becomes a part of diving into complete a winning combination. Since The Angler Slots is part of the Slots3 visual display-type of Pokey, you can expect to be really impressed by the appearance; but don't let this throw you off your game, as this money to be one if you downloaded.The fisherman's name is Otis, anything expert a reeling in the big ones as serene music played in the background to set the mood without interrupting your concentration. In fact, Otis is the character feature and also the one that can bring in the big box if you land a handful of him for 1750x your wager x. As Celtic musician and Enya's Orinoco Flow plays beautifully in the background, can spin the reels and watch the bubbles rise to the surface as the Puffer fishes, hammerhead sharks, fiery salmon and more arrange themselves on the reels to your benefit if all goes well. Don't worry about getting seasick, since you're playing this in the virtual world!

Lastly, before we get to the bonus icons, let's check out the Time to Fish Bonus Game that can be activated when a triple scatter or wild symbol on the first, second or third reels. Once you get to this new screen, you have an opportunity to pick between several fish on the game board and use your fishing Rod to capture one of them. Let's see how your angling skills are using the decades of experience that Otis the Fisherman has racked up fishing on the pay or after work. You will get 100 game credits to work with the minute you enter this bonus feature, so no matter what you are unlikely to walk away completely empty-handed.

Bonus Icons Information in Angler Slots

With this excellent fishing themed slot, there's a lot to cover and unpack. Let us delve a little bit into some of the more prominent bonuses - such as the free games that are available. The free spins section in Angler Slots is hosted by a triple Scatter symbol that triggers the spins allotment; depending on just how many you land at the same time. It is represented by an Open Clam Hosting a Pristine White Pearl. It si this symbol that triggers the games delivered to you for free on the casino House. Now, as for the substitute symbol: it is represented by a Clingy Fiery Red Octopus, which, as intimated by its title, stays in one place for the entirety of the Free Spins Round. If everything goes right, you just might win up to 130,000 Angler Slots game credits in a single spin!

There are varied symbols on the reels; all of which represent one of America's favorite chilled past-times: fishing on the pier, all by your lonesome as a man.Some of these icons include a bright green puffer fish, a sea-green turtle, a fire-red fish, poker card suits and more. We will break these all the way down a bit later in this review, so that you real money gamers can see what's in store on the payout lines per combination. In order to boost your winnings, just line up a triplet of scattered Open Clams with Pristine White Pearl symbols on the third, fourth and fifth reels to activate the Angler Slots Free Spins Bonus Feature round. Know this, too: this feature can be triggered again and again for even more free gaming opportunities. All normal game wins proceed in a single direction (left to right); whereas scattered wins proceed in BOTH directions (that would be right to left and backwards, left to right).

How about the Time to Fish Bonus Game? To get there, all it takes is for you to luckily land a minimum of three of any one of the three Angler Slots Bonus Icons anywhere on the first, second and third reels; whereupon the gameboard will light up and fishes will leap up out of the ocean to signal the activation of the feature. In particular, look for the Bonus Icon picture of three fish lures in a barrel; once it appears three times, you will be presented with a game in which you will try reeling in fishes using the fish lures; if you manage to pull one out of the sea in this game of chance, then you win 100 Angler Fish credits per fish pulled out. Additionally, you can trigger the bonus feature again.

Angler Slots Pokey Payline: Icon Combo Payouts Galore

Now that the fiscal rectification of the bonus symbols is concluded, we can move onto the first set of high value icons Anger Slots. The Chief Fisherman takes the cake, and five of a kind of the Chief Fisherman pays you 1000 game credits whereas for of a kind of the Chief Fisherman symbol you win 1000 game credits, and three of a kind of the Chief Fisherman icon pays you 500 game credits. Do not despair if you do not land because the next high value icon pays an admirable amount of coinage as well. This is Blue Hammerhead Shark icon, and five of a kind is worth 1000 game credits; for four of the Blue Hammerhead Sharks 500 game credits, and we of a kind of the Blue Hammerhead Shark icon is worth 300 game credits. Next is the Sea green Baby Turtle icon; five of a kind pays 750 game credits; four of the Sea green Baby Turtle symbol pays 500 game credits, and three of a kind of the Sea green Baby Turtle icon is worth 250 game credits.

Don't be surprised at the high value of the mid-paying symbols, starting with the Bright Green Puffer Fish; five of a kind of the Puffer pays 750 game credits, whereas for four of a kind of the Bright Green Puffer Fishes you win 350 game credits, and three Green Puffer Fish icons pay 125 game credits. The Fiery Fish is next, and five of them results in a 375 game credit payout; for four of a kind of the Fiery Fish symbol 200 game credits, and three separate Fiery Fish icons showing up at the same time on the Angular Slots game board are worth 100 game credits. Sliding on over to the poker card icons section, where the symbol combination payout values diminish in size but not in frequency, we start off with the Ace. Five of the Ace card pays out 375 game credits in Angler Slots; four of the Ace card pays you 150 game credits, and three of a kind of the Ace card gets the gamer 60 game credits. If you land the King card, then five of these guarantee you a 250 game credit payout, whereas four of a kind of the King pays a solid 125 game credits and three Kings are worth 50 big ones. The Queen of the poker kingdom is next, and a handful of this card suit on the reels pays you 125 game credits. Four of a kind of the Queen suit pays 50 game credits, and three of a kind is worth 25 game credits. There are no 10s and 9s in Angler Slots, so the final icon is the Jack from the table game poker: five of a kind of the Jack is worth 125 game credits; for four Jacks you get 50 game credits, and for three Jacks the payout is 15 game credits. What then are you waiting for? Betsoft Gaming Inc, along with Betsoft software providers, have created the perfect slot for the fishermen in The Angler Slot. If you wish to simply check out the graphics in the gameplay without any obligation, then you can play the virtual option using Adobe Flash right inside the supported browser. However, if you are a risk-taker and wish to try and win some prizes and cash payouts, then you have to download the casino program and create an account to play for real money.